where do I have to go after the wiki tuto ?


09-12-2007 06:22:53


I'm new at python ogre and I wondering where I can learn more thing about this engine. I mean there is a lot of documentation about the c++ ogre but I don't know what are the differencies with python ogre.

I used python in blender and maya so I have a little knowledge of it but It's not sufficient to start creating an application.

the first problem I faced was the fact there is no level editor ? How you guys edit your levels ?

maybe we should create some treads where all python ogre sources (snippet code or even tutorial ) are gathered.

I don't know if I'm the only which don't know how to use this powerfull engine but I hope thing comes out.



09-12-2007 11:35:38

A level editor is a pretty wide ranging question, even if there was a python-ogre specific level editor its unlikely that it would be perfect for your game. Yeah, blender or ofusion are probably your best bets at the moment, but its not too much work to combine wxPython and python-ogre to create your own editor, specific for your project.

A good example of a complete game going round at the moment is 'Pathman' http://pathman.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page its made with pyOgre ( an older version ), but its essentially the same as for python-ogre. And they've got source code available as well :). Sadly it wont work out of the box with python-ogre, as it uses the old input system, but it serves well as an example of a full game.


09-12-2007 11:36:21

There is no level editor. You would have to code it yourself. In my opinion we should do a world editor as community project. You can use Blender or 3dsmax as level editor to an certain degree.


09-12-2007 15:56:22

I agree with siwi, creating a game editor for the community would be the best option but since I'm just beginning python ogre, I don't know how the engine is working.

I know python so I pretty sure it won't take so long to achieve some result and since I'm would have to do it ( for my own sake ) why not sharing our strenght. but What I need is more stuff to learn python ogre

I'm not planning to do something complicated, just an ingame game editing almost like irredit but without light mapping and stuff.


09-12-2007 17:01:44

Yeah, thats the biggest problem of PythonOgre. There definetly has to be more documentation.


11-12-2007 12:09:48

1) I will only entertain contributing to a "level editor" project if you can get 3 or more contributors to sign off on a set of specs. Which is not likely to happen as editors are tightly coupled to the kind of application you are making. And even then, you are not likely to build a better 3d edting einterface than the guys ad Autodesk. Really, max and oFusion/OgreMax is the best option.

2) There is PLENTY of documentation around. We have the C++ API docs, which you can use in unmodified form. We have tutorials on the wiki. We have docstrings. What else do you want?
Saying that python-ogre is poorly documented seriously makes me wonder.


11-12-2007 15:53:05

perhaps an editor 'demo' would be a good idea.

I mean something demonstrating how to create your gui with wxWidgets, how to create a transform tool, object picking and property dialogs, and a sample level format that can be written to and read by your application. Then leave it up to the end user to customize this for their own project.

Pretty much everything i've mentioned is already available in one form or another on the ogre wiki.

Also, have a look at community projects on the python-ogre wiki, someone there is already using PO to create an editor for rigs of rods. Dont know how far advanced that is though..


11-12-2007 16:32:44

Tubez are you a c ++ ogre user ? maybe for you those kind of thing are obvious but for me which learn python under other circunstances ogre api don't make sense. for example I know how to do some glsl shader I made a couple on jme for friends and I had a lot of trouble to change the recent compositor night vison.

Maybe I have to be used to so i'm practicing. the problem python user would face is that python ogre is an add on to ogre not a complete solution. So it's mostly made for ogre user (which understand excatly how this render engine work)
if you compare ogre to panda (which is not mmy favorite) ogre is more open for developpers but for the newcomers it would be harder than an other engine.

So the progress with ogre itself seems hard without an simple understanding of the engien becaue there is different level for using an engine ( game, simple walkthrough, visualiser etc ...) it would be nice to have different level of learning.

for the editor I thing its cool to have an ingame editor because it's handy and only edicated to game level. Lighting and stuff.

also I'm not pretty sure that everyone can afford 3dsmax so ogre max or ofusion aren't solution for everyone.

and the idea of a simple game editor seems nice. It would be a great project.


12-12-2007 10:00:26

sueds, I've got a deal for you :)

You say you know your GLSL? If you can fix my water shader for the forests demo, then I will make a demo version of a level editor.

Hows that sound? :wink:


12-12-2007 15:53:43

it's depend what kind of trouble you have and how you the wate look like. I can give a shot ! is based on teh original water shader ? ( mine is crushing and I didn't looked at it )


12-12-2007 18:21:50

I'll have to clean it up and post it here, its in the new demo but for some reason I cant upload to the server i'd usually use. Yeah its based on the demo water shaders, and i tried adding specular highlights, transparency and refraction to it but its not quite there yet. Its in Cg in fact, and my GPU programming *sucks* so its a mess really.

I'm designing a gui for an editor right now in wxPython, heres the rough outline i'm working to:
ogre window as main frame, with command buttons along the top ( create, transform etc. ). Side panels divided into world properties and selected object properties. Finally a resource list panel with drag and drop into the ogre window. For entities use a separate list giving the name of your actor, any additional properties and a mesh file for the editor to load. In the ogre view, they'll also need a transform widget (which could be the most headache ). Use editable terrain sceneManager, along with ogreForests and caelum ( mostly accomplished thru cut and paste! :) ) bind in some tweakable settings. Sort out a rough level format file ( could just pickle the editor state ) then create a parser for it at the other end, which again may be some headache.

Sounds a bit hairy, but I'm hoping it wont be too much of a job to sort out. Most of the work is done for me in the ogre demos and combining all the ogreaddons is really easy in python-ogre compared to sorting it all in c++.

well wish me luck :)


13-12-2007 17:52:34

I'm not familliar with gpu programming so I don't if will be able to understand your code but I'm gonna try out some simple water shader and see how the initial watr shader works and maybe something interesting comes out.

I hope you succed in your project and I work on my part and I'll bring something when it's done


14-12-2007 07:50:49

Here someone is working on a realistic water shader, if you guys haven't already seen it:


14-12-2007 12:20:52

Yeah I had checked out that one, I think it relies on some custom water-mesh generation though, rather than just a shader. I may well be wrong however, haven't read it properly.

The editor is coming along nicely, have got the beginings of a nice stretchable GUI, ogre window embedded and working, caelum working with the time of day bound to a slider in the GUI (its cool manipulating the sun :) ). Am working on the drag and drop entity stuff this evening, its a bit more of a headache than i thought originally, but definitely still do-able. Just cant post any screens right now (have to figure out whats up with my server, or register on flickr or something..)

will upload something this weekend hopefully.


14-12-2007 15:37:24

Just cant post any screens right now (have to figure out whats up with my server, or register on flickr or something..)

will upload something this weekend hopefully.

You could always just set up a page on the wiki for your project and upload images there. I don't think Andy would mind.


14-12-2007 19:33:22

Indeed I could :)

And here it is