wx python and ogre to python ogre


13-12-2007 18:08:54


I would like to know where I can find some documentation or example of wx python ? ( the exampe in the demo dont work)

why do you use it and its advantage.

and my last question is about c++ into python code. Is some basic rules to convert one into other ? I red in older tread that it was pretty easy and I wondering how do I have to do ? ( I don't have any code I want to translate but maybe )




14-12-2007 12:15:10

Have you got wxPython installed on your system? you'll need that run the wx demo. go to www.wxpython.org

wxWidgets (wxPython is the wrapper) is a GUI library for creating windows-type applications. its a lot like Qt, but is free as opposed to £60,000 ! It has all the normal widgets you find in nearly all windows apps, plus some extras. You can also use wxGlade to design your GUI visually - very useful.

for c++ converting, well, you'll need to have some understanding of c++ to do it properly of course. Converting the ogre examples is pretty easy because they are usually short, and the commands are pretty much the same in python.