Ogre3D 1.4.5 and CEGUI 0.5


16-12-2007 02:29:39

Hi all,

I am confuse, from my research it seems that Ogre3D 1.4.5 Eohort SDK compiled version is created with CEGUI 0.5.

I need to use the CEGUILua and lua_and_tolua++ but no where available. It use different version of CEGUIBase_d.lib from Ogre3D 1.4.5.

Any one has any clue how to do this?
possibly without need to build the whole ogre3D sdk again.

Thank you.


16-12-2007 06:06:23

And you are using Python-Ogre ??

I'm not sure why would you need the Lua module with CEGUI if you are using Python-Ogre as I has expected that everything would be done in Python -- unless there is something in CEGUI that is only accessible when using Lua?



16-12-2007 07:56:35

Just plan ogre. not python unfortunately.


16-12-2007 08:20:02

Then you probably need to post your question in the main Ogre forums as this one is specifically related to Python-Ogre..

And hence we don't use Lua :)