Overriding move() in CharacterMovementVectorController


03-01-2008 15:08:46

I have to derive a new class from the nxogre. CharacterMovementVectorController class.
This is no problem of course.
Then I have to override the function move. The c++ one takes 6 parameters and calculates one formula with them. The problem is that it doesn´t return any value, but it directly wants to manipulate the pointer given in the first parameter.
Any tips how to wrap that one?
How is this wrapped in PythonOgre?


06-01-2008 13:38:47

I think you are refering to the NxOgre library.. It may be that this call is changing anyway as there is a major change happening in the NxOgre library - with a new version included in the next Python-Ogre release



06-01-2008 14:30:14

Yeah, you´re right, especially the Character system changed. So for now no solutions, right?
Another question:
Do you plan to wrap both, bleeding and nxogre 0.9? Or do you wait for an first stable release of bleeding(which will take some time)?