Announcement: New Windows SnapShot available.


08-01-2008 13:38:03

I've uploaded a new snap shot to sourceforge for those that would like a more bleeding edge experience :) It can be found [b]here[/b] and contains the Python-Ogre modules along with a couple of newer demos.

To install uncompress it over an existing Python-Ogre 1.1 installation. Then run python install from the Python-Ogre directory and you are done.

This is effectively a RC1 for PythonOgre 1.2, however I haven't had time to test all the demos, make a new installer etc so thought I'd get this out now. It is built with Ogre 1.4.6, and the latest versions of all the modules (NxOgre, Caelum, OgreForests and QuickGUI have had the most number of updates in the base C++ source)

There are also some new modules:
calunetree for making cool trees
ofusion for loading sceens created by the ofusion plugin in 3ds
watermesh for making realistic water (demo to come)
particleuniverse which is very powerful particle system

Just remember -- it's only a snapshot :)



08-01-2008 13:43:09

Thanks. :D
And I just wanted to ask you for wrapping WaterMesh. :D
I seem to be too silly. :oops: But how do I use the ?
It seems, that I´m always pasing the wrong parameters.


08-01-2008 15:29:03

You should be able to do (from the python-ogre directory)

python install



08-01-2008 16:11:54

I tried run setup, ect., but not install. :oops:
EDIT: Just a thing I wanted to mention:
For a stable build, I would recommend you to provide both, 0.9 and Bleeding.


08-01-2008 23:24:19


Downloading the beast now


Note, caelum needs a new texture resource, i got it from here:


09-01-2008 00:57:40

I bashed out a codesnippet already! with libnoise

Fixed it up a bit now, the normals were all screwy before, now it works (although faceted rather than smooth, but at least the mesh it lit properly!)


10-01-2008 14:36:00

Wow that's looking good!
particle universe is very nice!
calunetree is very cool too, maybe bharling could implement it with ogreforests, that would be killer.

Looking forward to see the watermesh demo!



14-01-2008 13:22:54

And indeed, I'm currently doing just that!

Had some big problems using the basic calunetree system, as ogreForests cannot accept billboardSets as part of tree meshes. So as a workaround I'm generating my own leaf billboards as a mesh, and have connected that to a vertex shader that automagically makes billboards on the GPU. So far its looking good, am going to try it out in the forests now!


Damn, still a bit problematic. It basically works, the tree imposter is generated properly, with billboards for leaves, but it looks like PagedGeometry.BatchPage bypasses shaders when rendering ( which makes sense, as they are StaticGeometry objects I believe ), so unfortunately the leaves dissapear when you get close. Dang!!