Problem with Nxogre.RayCaster


14-01-2008 16:31:09

This is not about Bleeding.
The normal getClosestActor/RaycastHit are working fine for me, but I have to get all the RayCastHits.
They are saved in RayCaster.mReport. It seems like this is a NxOgre::Container.
When I want to use the mReport, I get an error, that there is no class registerd for the NxOgre::Container.

Is there a workaround?


15-01-2008 15:13:16

[edit] Did you simply try accessing the .mReport variable? It looks like it's exposed correctly as a readonly var.. It will probably give you a MapContainerRayCastHit or a RayCastReport type back....

Are you building your own Python-Ogre from the SVN or using the Windows Binary release(s) ?

I ask as this will probably need a wrapper fix and recompile as if I've missed exposing a container it will need to be added to the code generation process.. And, this is easy to do in the SVN, but will take a little longer to build a binary.



15-01-2008 15:42:32

I switched back to Binary, because I have to work with a stable NxOgre version.
If you could do a dual Release(with both NxOgre Modules), I would swap to SVN.
EDIT: I would really need this.
mReport is definetly there to get accesed directly. This is the only way to get all hits of a raycast.
I think this got wrapped incorrectly.