Three suggestions for adding to PythonOgre


19-01-2008 15:11:18

1. OgreSteer/OpenSteer. AI/Pathfinding is the only part that is missing in PythonOgre. OgreSteer doesn´t seem to be stable enough for wrapping. Maybe a direct OpenSteer wrap would be the right thing.
2. Paged Geometry. There are ogreforests and calundtree, but this one is better.
3. Hydrax
It´s pretty new and may not be stable enough, but it´s really nice and I hope you´ll wrap it in the future.

Of course these are only suggestions and I would be glad if you would find the time to do them. Also they are listed in my priority order.

...oh and you just have to wrap deltagui if it´s released. :D


21-01-2008 13:34:00

Can you give me a link to the Paged Geomerty you want -- I think you might find it's the same as OgreForests (as there seems to be multiple names in use)



21-01-2008 14:44:00 ... d+geometry
Actually I can´t even find OgreForests in the Main Forums.
What do you think about OpenSteer?
EDIT: Ok it really seems like it is the same. Nvm. :oops: