Possible Bug with OgreAL


03-02-2008 16:21:40

I tried to use an .ogg file in the OgreAL demo and also in my own application.
It seems like they don´t work with 3d Sound.
You can go very far away and it still is as loud as before.
In the demo I use it instead of the roar.wav played by the ogrehead.
Then even another problem exists: You can´t hear the sound played by the Torus Knots any longer.
I tried to set the gain down and also setRelativeToListener.
My .ogg file is a the song The Jack from ACDC converted from .mp3 to .ogg with WinLame. But the same problem exists with the 6chan.ogg file from the ogreal media folder.
I also couldn´t also find anything about this problem in the OgreAl forums.