Python-Ogre 1.2 Release Candidate 1 Available


21-02-2008 01:19:23

It's time for another release cycle for Python-Ogre and as with previous releases I'm making an early release candidate available for testing..

It can be downloaded from [b]here[/b]

Included are Updates and General Library Improvements to:
  1. * Ogre (Latest 1.4 cvs version)
    * QuickGui, OgreForests (updated to latest versions)
    * Particle Universe 0.6
    * Bullet 2.66
    * Caelum Rev 127 and updated media.
    * Physx - free functions are now exposed so should work as an independ library
    * Ogrevideoffmpeg - updated to latest ffmpeg
    * various improvements in code generation - see the ChangeLog.txt for more information[/list:u]
    Important Note: NxOgre and Navi are not supported in this release candidate!



21-02-2008 10:00:23


downloading the beast now!


21-02-2008 13:36:00

Cool. My problem is that I need NxOgre, but i´ll try it anyway.
How should I understand the PhysX thingy? Are we allowed to use it independet now? How will you try to combine this with NxOgre?
Is there any possibility to have PythonOgre 1.1 and 1.2 RC1 at the same time?
I would want to name the old one module ogre1 so that I can work with my project that uses nxogre. The RC woudl be named normal so the demos should run fine without any changes then.
Is there an possibility to do this?


24-02-2008 10:12:44

Is there any possibility to have PythonOgre 1.1 and 1.2 RC1 at the same time?

Yes i think you can. But you should rename your current 'site-packages/ogre' directory before installing the new RC, cause it deletes/overwrites current contents.

Of course, in your project code you should update your import statements accordingly to match your renamed old directory. In your case 'from ogre1'.

Good luck.


25-02-2008 04:46:46

You can't mix and match modules between 'major' Python-Ogre releases -- this is due to the Ogre library changing between releases and nearly every module is linked to a particular Ogre version.

However NxOgre is now working (the '09 version) and will be in the RC2 - Navi is also compiling but failing on the Demo which I need to investigate (probably an API change that I need to handle)



03-03-2008 23:35:50

Which ogre CVS revision does this date to?

It'd be great if the saving to .jpg from texture, deleting nodeTrack, cloning animation bugs were fixed in this one.


26-03-2008 07:03:25

Which ogre CVS revision does this date to?

Could use that information too.


19-06-2008 16:42:30

massive thanks to the team maintaining python-ogre, we've played around with it and we love it!

just curious, how's the progress on getting the 1.2 out?
I just read from Ogre's main page that OGRE 1.4.9 is out and it contains some important fixes..