Overlay Rotation Problems


22-02-2008 00:01:01

Hi, I found that Python-Ogre does not have a "rotate()" method for overlays like in the C++ version, so I submitted a bug.

But also, I have trouble understanding how an element is rotated (what is the axis and rotation) when I call setRotate(). Why can't a panel be rotated? Can an element rotate/move out of a panel? I must have a panel to have an element, right?

But also when I use the example in the Ogre Manual, putting "rotation 30 0 0 1" it tells me "bad element attribute" so I must put it in code.


23-02-2008 06:18:59

The rotate function will be fixed in 1.2 rc2 -- However all the rotate function does is add an angle to the existing rotate value - hence you could do
obj.rotate = obj.rotate + angle
which is the same as
obj.setRotate(obj.getRotate() + angle)
As for the other questions you might like to ask them in the pure Ogre forum as well as here.



23-02-2008 19:03:54

Yes, it was just very confusing for me, because I thought it was a fault on my part. I'm a little new to python and I kept looking at Ogre.Radian for the error.

Thanks for your reply