Tile Based Terrain Idea. But How?


23-02-2008 12:08:11


Ihave an idea for a small game. But for one thing Im not sure how to do it.
Let us say i create a scene. Put a simple terrain on it. Thats easy so far.

But I need to have some kind of a grid on the terrain that seperates it into several quads. Also this Quads have to be "klickable" with the mouse. Am I just searching in the wrong direction or is the TileBasedTerrainManager exactly, what Im looking for. My Understanding of this is that it is just for generating Terrain out of tiles and NOT to make the Tiles selectable with the Cursor.

Im kinda lost with this so thanks for any help.



23-02-2008 14:38:30

The normal Terrain Manager should be enough. Look at the intermedate wiki tutorials for further information.