OGRE mesh -> ODE trimesh?


28-02-2008 15:23:05

How can I get the ogre mesh data into an ODE trimesh?

I don't wish to use OgreODE, just pyode and python-ogre, is there a way to do this?

Thanks =)


28-02-2008 18:05:07

You are asking in the wrong place. The right place to ask would be the Ogre forum, but only after you had looked at the OgreODE source code. Because the OgreODE source code already does exactly what you want, with the libraries you want.

You should only come here if you are having trouble accesing/finding the needed ODE or Ogre function through the wrappers.


28-02-2008 18:09:41

This is the file from the OgreODE source code which does what you need.


28-02-2008 18:23:22

sorry, thanks for the link