Inline PyOgre in wx


11-03-2006 19:21:33

I've put together a mock up of what I'd like to do. Here it is:

Is this possible to do this with pyogre and wxPython? I'd like to have an interpreter on the left that could command actions in the 3d space. The scene is arbitrary.

<crosses fingers>


12-03-2006 14:57:05

It is possible. I have made a class to be used as a demo of PyOgre with wxPython. I had promised to post it last week but I got more busy than expected. The class is almost finished. The only problem that I have to nail out is to take care of the keyboard focus (right now, the interpreter window steals the keyboard focus from the Ogre window) and I also need to create a simple scene to show the animations and interactions...
I will probably be busy until next week so I will not be able to post it until then I'm afraid.


PS : if you want to give it a try yourself, I advice you to use pyCrust, the wxPython interpreter that comes with wxPython.


12-03-2006 22:46:52

Excellent, thanks for the head up; I'll give it a shot!