XML to .mesh?


21-03-2008 15:05:58

I am trying to convert my Blender model into a .mesh. Using the OgreBlenderExporter it converted my model into a XML file type. How do you go from XML to mesh. Or if there is another way, please let me know!


21-03-2008 18:40:38

You *might* (cause i'm not sure) try the Ogre mesh converter, which is a part of the Ogre commandline tools. You can find it here: http://www.ogre3d.org/index.php?option= ... Itemid=133



21-03-2008 20:49:22

Yeah thats right, download the ogreCommandLineTools and extract it somewhere easy to remember ( like c:\ogretools\ ).

You can set the blender export script to automatically use the command-line tools to convert the xml to a mesh, straight from blender, you just have to tell it the path where you extracted the tools.


24-03-2008 13:36:07

Thanks! Ive been able to get my files to appear in ogre now. Now I have another question. When I export my model, it exports it into over 70 different mesh files. How can I do it so that it only creates one?