I want OpenSteer in python NOW


22-03-2008 22:19:01


Me and some friends plan to make a game using OpenSteer. I read that python-ogre plan to wrap it in the future. When do you think this would be? If the wrapping hasn't begun is it possible to submit one myself using CreateWrapper?



23-03-2008 11:23:32

I´m also waiting for opensteer. Of course you can try to wrap it yourself and you also can submit it afterwards.
But please don´t say i want this or this now. The work on PythonOgre is done for free for you, no one has to do any work on this project in a particular time.


23-03-2008 13:25:47

But please don´t say i want this or this now.

That line was more of a joke. :)


25-03-2008 05:59:38

Perhaps you could spent some time looking at the library and let me know which parts are of interest.

I've had a look at it and it's not clear what modules/functionality would be sufficent to make a usable library. OpenSteer isn't really a 'library', more a collection of code that you can link in as needed..




25-03-2008 09:04:31

I will do.


29-09-2008 22:06:44

Hi all,

I have recently decided to learn Python to switch from Mogre because I was amazed by the project activity compared to the C#.
I'm only scratching the surface of this language right now, but I love what I see...

Anyway, I am porting OpenSteer to Python. As soon as the sourceforge project site is validated (2-3 days), it will be available as pyopensteer.
It was developped to suit my purpose, but I see there is interest in the community, so somebody will probably be able to make this port a good and eficient one...
So far, only the SteerForFlee and SteerForSeek behaviours are implemented, but now that the brickwork is done, porting the other behaviours should be piece of cake.

To keep it independant from Ogre3D, I had to design a class Vector3D which is a bit of makeshift, but does the job. Converting between the two is easy, as Vector3D implements __iter__()

Is the interest still there ?


29-09-2008 23:40:10

This would be a great addition to Python-ogre, i would definitely use it. The only concern i have, is that it will be too detached from python-ogre. Working with Andy on this one would be most beneficial to both python-ogre and pyonpensteer. Making seamless integration between the two, i think, would be a major key to usability.


29-09-2008 23:50:04


I agree integration into Python Ogre would be a plus, but it isn't the objective of this lib. It is generic.

But again, it is easy to make a SceneNode subclass integrating a SimpleVehicule, and with methods move(self, timeInterval) for instance.



02-10-2008 21:07:15

There it is, online...
http://pyopensteer.svn.sourceforge.net/ ... opensteer/

Far from all the behaviours are implemented.
Contributors are welcome to take the port further, as well as Python locutors (I'm only a newbie in that language, with still quite a few Java automatisms).


03-10-2008 14:30:32

Glad to hear there is a Python version -- I've looked (again) at making the C++ library part of Python-Ogre and it's not obvious how to do it :)

I'll take another look tomorrow as it might be possible to wrap parts of the C++ code which could then be used in a more complete Python implementation (for example the plugins all need to be written in Python as they all use GL draw functions, hence need to be changed for Ogre support)...



03-10-2008 20:28:36

Hi Andy,

The whole GL part is only for demo purpose.
So I wouldn't bother porting it. The main classes are those directly contributing to SimpleVehicule.