Help please.


29-04-2008 14:39:14

I'm pretty new to Python-Ogre, and I just started the tutorials, but for some reason right at the first basic tutorial, when I execute the script everything is fine( I think ), but when I hit "Esc" the program freezes, thus making learning really frustrating. Could somebody help?


29-04-2008 18:37:56

Hi, I have tested it, but it works good. Application shutdown correctly. But I have the same problem with demo_forest.


30-04-2008 00:12:13

Are you running the script from IDLE ( the editor that ships with python ? )

if so then all ogre demos will hang when you exit. The best thing to do is use another IDE ( my favourite is Stani Python Editor, which will not crash when you quit a python-ogre program ).


30-04-2008 05:56:03

Yeah, I'm running the scripts from IDLE. Thanks for the advice. I'll set up SPE right away :D