resource.cfg path issue in current SVN


11-10-2005 18:17:09

I just cleaned out my local repository and started over with current SVN. It appears that resource.cfg points to a media directory above "demos" (../media) but the data is actually in a direcory under demos (./media).

It's a quck fix, but one of the things that can go unnoticed for ages ;)

There's no point in attaching a patch, since it's basically search and replace ".." with "."

While I'm at it, a quick build system question. I noticed that, at least on windows, the entire build scripts etc are duplicated into the installed directory when you do " install". Is there a practical use for it? Can i use it to rebuild pyOgre on the fly?


11-10-2005 20:58:43

I only found two resources.cfg, and they are under trunk/demos/cegui and trunk/demos/pyogre. I've been putting my media folder here: trunk/demos/media. This makes it so I only need one media for both cegui and pyogre demos, this is right isn't it? I think for now the installation scripts may be a bit off. The ultimate goal (for windows install) would be an ogre/ directory in your python directory and under it having:

Which would make the ../ appropriate, but I realize that this is not what the installation script is doing now.

The installation script for windows needs to be completely reworked with the recent changes. I'm going to try to work on that this weekend. I'll open a bug for this.


11-10-2005 21:10:28

Either ".." or "." is fine by if that's where the assets actually end up ;)

Thanks for the prompt response!