Ubuntu 8.04 Compile Error


02-05-2008 16:13:39


Just tried to compile with the LinuxV2 wikipage.

I ran into an error:

thorsten@thorsten-desktop:~/svn/python-ogre/trunk$ python python-ogre/BuildModule.py -r -b cegui ois ogre
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "python-ogre/BuildModule.py", line 9, in <module>
import environment
File "/home/thorsten/svn/python-ogre/trunk/python-ogre/environment.py", line 986, in <module>
class nxogre:
File "/home/thorsten/svn/python-ogre/trunk/python-ogre/environment.py", line 1010, in nxogre
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'PATH_LIB_NxOgre'

Please Help!!!


02-05-2008 16:54:11

I get the same error on Ubuntu 8.04.


03-05-2008 00:34:22

Confirming error on Ubuntu 8.04. Are there plans on making an Ubuntu .deb package?


03-05-2008 12:35:29

When it compiles, it will be done in no time to make a *.deb package of it.

I had a look into the Build script. It is possible, that this bug is because of 8.04 uses Python 2.52.

@Andy: Do you made any successfull builds with 2.52?


03-05-2008 14:33:50

I found the error!!!

In the PythonOgreConfig_posix.py this had an #

# PATH_LIB_NxOgre= os.path.join(LOCAL_LIB )

I just cp the statement

PATH_LIB_NxOgre= os.path.join(PATH_NxOgre, 'lib')

Out of the PythonOgreConfig_nt.py. Right now it is working. I will get you informed about the progress on this.


22-05-2008 01:57:11

Thanks for this! I was having the exact same issue on Mac OS X 10.4.11 with latest Python release, in case anyone else has as well, and this resolved it.

EDIT: Crap, sorry for thread necromancy.