More Ogre 3D tutorials for python


16-05-2008 18:01:30


are there any other tutorials for learning Ogre 3D in Python except:

and :cry: poor :cry: documentation that looks like documentation for C++ ( Ogre 3D).



17-05-2008 07:00:56

I haven't found any holy grail of Python-Ogre tutorials out there. But I've found the demos and the tutorials online now are usually sufficient.

For some of the more complex tasks you may have to adapt a C++ example for Python-Ogre. I've found the people on this board are generally helpful if you hit a snag doing so (Although generally its better if you've got specific questions, rather than "Can someone port X to Python-Ogre?"


17-05-2008 08:07:31

Welcome :)

Don't look at the python ogre tutorials in the ogre wiki. I think its outdated. You'll find more up to date documentaion on the real ogre-python wiki: