To Survive or to Be Destroyed


17-05-2008 04:36:21

Daron Legion At Gate
Lameya is under Attack! The Daron Legion, has finally got its special force squad steal into Lameya, and they will assault the city at a special time

Every Sunday evening, around Eight o’clock, there will be the siege announcement all over the server, and the game masters will be online in the apron of Lameya send out ammo and medic supply to the warriors, when time comes, they mosters will start their seige with their elite troops.
The players will endure a hard battle, however, the loots are great as well. At each end of the siege, there will be a king boss comes, if the players can defeat the boss, they will get epic equipment as well.
The Enemy is at Gate, are you the hero to hold the city ?
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