Game States tutorial


22-05-2008 23:47:40

A group of us have recently started (and admitedly aren't very far on with) our own small project using Python-OGRE. As part of the project we are putting together a set of tutorials going over the coding we have done so far.

Going over the main OGRE wiki I came across this article on Managing Game States with OGRE and realising there was no counterpart for it on the python-ogre wiki I put together this:

Any comments/suggestions on it would be very helpful as I am still learning how to use python-ogre properly, also if you think its any good, I'll put a copy up on the python-ogre wiki

p.s. Please dont mock my logo-design or any half baked code ideas you may find on the project. thanks. :oops: :lol:


24-05-2008 17:15:18

I think this is a useful addition to the current tutorials, and your version contains quite a bit more details compared to the one on the main ogre wiki. Nice work!

Some links to the design patterns used would be useful. You already include Singleton but more details about the State pattern ( used might help others get their heads around what is being done in the code. At least, it did in my case :)


24-05-2008 17:46:05

Hey, thanks for the reply, glad someone liked it.

I had considered mentioning the patterns in more detail, but I wanted to keep the tutorial as specific to the actual game state implementation as possibe, I may add another page to the wiki about it.

Will wait a few days, maybe clean the article up a bit before putting a copy on the python-ogre wiki.


14-06-2008 17:05:27

Ok I finally uploaded the article to the main python-ogre wiki (to be honest I forgot until today :S ) you can find it here:


15-06-2008 09:20:41

This is a great tutorial, the technique is really useful. Probably one of the most useful things for anyone learning python-ogre. great work :)