10-06-2008 02:16:43

Well... at least I think it's clever.


10-06-2008 11:07:30

i like it! ver cool ;)


11-06-2008 20:15:21

Thanks, bharling! I'm glad you like it. I'm actually using your NoiseTerrain code to import heightmaps into Python-Ogre. It works pretty well!

I don't mind if anyone has suggestions for anything I should do to the logo in order to make it better for use in the project. :)


11-06-2008 21:20:07

hey, glad that little snippet was useful for you!

Well, I really like the logo, if I was going to make any suggestions they might be:

1) it looks a bit right-side heavy ( although the ogre logo is the same ). perhaps introduce an element on the left to balance it

2) I'm a shameless fan of the OSX 'glossy' type effect, maybe it could be a bit more shiny?

Still though, I think its very clever! ;)


12-06-2008 02:09:40

I thought about what you said, bharling, and I think by adding one of the python snakes, I balanced out the logo, and also it bears a better attachment to the original logo.

http://wiki.python-ogre.org/index.php/I ... onOgre.png

I wanted to avoid the glossy effect; I've used it before in some of my other logos, but it just wouldn't work with this logo. Also, the original didn't have gloss, but a gradient, which is more than sufficient. However, I did go with the drop-shadow. Web 2.0 enough? :)

I wanted to upload the SVG to the wiki, but it doesn't allow that format.

I also used a freely distributed font, which can be found here:
The original Python logo's font is proprietary (costs $30) and it doesn't even look that good.


12-06-2008 15:12:07

This is really cool, great job. One thing though, what about the earring?


12-06-2008 17:54:13

That's right, Zyzle, I missed that; How does this look?


12-06-2008 18:04:18

hmmn, maybe make it yellow/gold rather than grey/silver but that's definitely very cool.

All we have to do now is find out who to annoy to see if we can make it the official logo.


19-06-2008 16:37:42

i think the teeth can maybe be a little larger and rounder, and maybe add a little specular to it? The teeth was the main thing telling this is an ogre, yet it didn't stand out too much before, considering the places where the logo will appear, it can often be a scaled down version of what you have right now. Must say though having the ear and earring helps alot.

don't get me wrong, i think it's already a really nice logo, i just think trying out little variations here and there wouldn't hurt at this stage

well done PhycoFalcon


01-07-2008 23:42:01

This is so awesome I laughed out loud and woke my girlfriend.


08-07-2008 11:24:36

very nice! simple and elegant!


08-07-2008 20:27:59

I made the tooth larger on the logo, as per fpois' suggestion.

The SVG file can now be found on the Python-Ogre Wikipedia article. :)

Thanks a lot guys! :D


10-07-2008 15:51:41

very cool, awesome dude


14-07-2008 15:43:46

Cool!!! ^^

I would be the official logo


14-07-2008 18:10:05

Very nice indeed!
I loved the earing and the tooth sticking out.
I just think that the yellow snake's eye should be green, in opposition to the green snake's, which is yellow. But thats just an idea :wink:


14-07-2008 20:33:14

so? is this going to become the next python-ogre logo or not?


19-07-2008 02:31:50

May I use your logo on my site when referring to python-ogre?




22-08-2008 21:40:04

Hey guys. Sorry for bailing like that. I got busy with other projects. :)

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad people like the logo.

I would also like to let people know (as I did in the thread about our Wikipedia article) that the Python-Ogre logo I created is freely available from Wikipedia, here:

It's in vector format, so anyone can edit it. That includes making it larger. ;)