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22-06-2008 22:00:08

For those of you who don't know I (along with a few friends*) have recently started the Bloop open source project (follow my sig to get tot he site), this project is both a simple game created by me to help me understand how python-ogre works and a collection of tutorials I have written about the development process that I hope will be of use to other people who want to use python-ogre.

Basically why I am posting here is that although at the moment I am just creating tutorials based on the projects code/art etc. , I am not sure this is the best way to go about creating tutorials, for a start it leads to a pretty big slow down in the projects development time, as I have not only to write the code, but also a tutorial/explanation page about why I chose to do things this way etc. , and I'm not sure they are always relevant to someone not making my game. I also seem to make much smaller test case programs which because they are never included in the final code, dont get a mention in the wiki.

So what I am looking for form you is ideas or requests for tutorials or more in-depth explanation articles, either specifically about the Bloop code or more generally about python-ogre, programming, game design etc.

I have made a special page on the Bloop wiki for this, which can be found here:

Please use this page only for the posting of these ideas, any comments/criticisms about the project use this forum thread for now, I'll create a proper showcase thread for the project when I feel the code is in a more ready state.


* to be honest they don't do much anyway so it may as well just be me. :P