Help with basics


03-07-2008 15:51:43

Hi, Im totally new to Ogre and PyOgre and I was wodering if someone could help me out with a really basic question? I´ve done the beginner and Intermidiate tutorials and now I want to use my own models in an application. For the moment I use 3Ds max to create models and with OgreMax I can export them into .scene, .mesh, .material files, how do I load this into Ogre? In the tutorial this is done by the SampleFramework and I sort of managed to trace the source of the tutorial meshes and can get my own .mech-files visible (without material) by putting them in the same folder.

Could someone show me a codeexample of the mechManager load function in Python or something like that? it would be very appreciated.

Edit: I´ve allready figured out how to solve the problem and realized this was kind of a dumb question :oops: (Any moderator, feel free to delete this post)