SampleFramework and Tutorial Continuance


23-03-2006 18:09:09

So far, I've really fantastically enjoyed how easy the beginner tutorials were to follow, but now I've finished them I'm wanting to play around on my own for a bit (or at least until the intermediate tutorials appear ;) )

In terms of beginning *from scratch*, what do I need to write that would basically avoid me using the I mean, having it there is great and all, but I really want to get to the core and not rely on something pre-coded, as this would give me a greater sense of accomplishment, I think.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction :)


23-03-2006 19:19:24

When I got to that point, I looked through the code in SampleFramework in order to understand what the framework was doing for me. Once I understood what it did, it wasn't too hard to custom build my own framework.


23-03-2006 19:48:11

I've looked over the sample framework and it's given me a good idea of what to do, but I think the fact that it's meshed with the media pack daunts me a little.

I suppose really I want to know what I can tear out of the resources.cfg file and still have the framework be viable for starting my own thing.


24-03-2006 20:22:13

Yeah, it's probably a good idea to rummage around in the media pack. It's actually not as daunting once you start.

In a way it's quite satisfying to go in there and start ripping bits out because you know what they're for and that you don't need them (eg try displaying the stats without the pyogre icon in the bottom right).

Also, have a look at the code in the wxPyOgre thread for a slightly different way of doing things. By comparing those two, you should get an idea of what's fundamental and what's incidental (eg. keyboard handling and camera control)


25-03-2006 14:57:01

I started off in C++ OGRE and I used newbie tutorial #2 to get out of ExampleApplication (in fact, I never used ExampleApplication. I hate using frameworks like that)

When I went to Python I just studied the SampleApplication class and it was very easy to figure out what to do. I really like the work the PyOgre people have done in keeping it clean.