Sound stream with theora video and ogreAl


14-07-2008 15:56:11

I want to play videos with sound/music with theora, and I've seen that there are functions like "theora.TheoraVideoController.setAutoAudioUpdate()" and a class named "TheoraAudioDriver", but I can't make them work.

Can someone help me with this or suggest me a better way to make this sound?

Akathorn Greyhat


14-07-2008 20:32:43

andy is working on a solution. I believe this isn't operational at the moment.


14-07-2008 22:05:22

That's a same.

I hope I can make something like play the video file and the audio file at the same time, but perhaps it'll difficult to sync both


15-07-2008 11:51:45

As a stop-gap you can easily use the pygame Mixer library to provide sound for Python-Ogre ( you dont need to use all the pygame components, you can just use the mixer on its own ). Its not as good as OpenAL though, so you might want to wait until its all working nicely


15-07-2008 15:01:16

Well, I tried to play both the video file and the sound file at the same time, and it seen to be accurate enough, so I have a temporal solution ^^