NxSimpleTriangleMesh Mappings


18-07-2008 15:04:31

Hi, I am using Python-Ogre 1.1 and experienced the following problem by creating a sekleton for CCD with physx.

To create a skeleton an physx.NxSimpleTriangelMesh has to be passed to the method NxPhysicsSDK.createCCDSkeleton(). But the NxSimpleTriangelMesh.isValid() method returns False after setting all properites.

This happens because the two public fields

const void * points
Pointer to first vertex point.

const void * triangles
Pointer to first triangle.

from c++ class are not exposed and can not be set in any other way.

How can I create a valid NxSimpleTriangleMesh via python.



24-07-2008 00:21:44

Would you mind creating a bug report on Sourceforge and I'll look at fixing this...



24-07-2008 08:21:21

I have created a bug report id 2026469.

Thanks for the great work.