New user seeking direction


24-07-2008 14:52:42

Hey, im all new to ogre and python-ogre ive chose python orgre because i was told it was similier to a language called DM there site is anyways ive worked with that game engine for awhile and it just isnt good enough for me anymore so i decided to move to 3d i played second life and i made cloths for it so it also got me in to wanting to make 3d so basically what im asking for is im not really a good learner on tutorials i dont know why i just seem to fail at them but yeah anways i was wanthing to know if i could get a source for a game not really looking for a advanced game but yeah just a game with a source prefferibly a RPG or a shooter thanks guys =D


25-07-2008 09:06:41

Dear God, his dot, comma and enter keys must be broken!


25-07-2008 11:03:04


judging by your first post, I don't think python is the language for you, as it demands strict *text formatting* to work. You'd be better off with C++ as you can write all your code on one line without any punctuation 8)

seriously though, I don't mean to be unkind. Unfortunately the only way to learn python-ogre is to follow the tutorials and carefully study the demos which come with the package. But before all of that I'd recommend learning python on its own so you have a good idea of how the language works before getting into the more complex area of 3D. Heres some links you may want to check out ( give yourself lots of time to sit down and really concentrate on the tutorials or you won't get it ).

good luck ;)


28-07-2008 08:27:31

Thanks bharling appreciate it yeah other guy just being a smart ass but yeah anyways thanks im not much of a guide learner i like seeing a project and then seeing how they make it work but yeah its cool eaither way and i can use punctation just really didnt think id be judge so strictly on a help request =/ but yeah anyways thanks and if anyone can hit me with a source that be cool to thanks....oh and the reason i wanted to use python is cause as i said earlier it was supposidly similier to that one language called DM as i belive DM was based of off python so yeah thats why i want to learn python


28-07-2008 09:26:19

im not much of a guide learner i like seeing a project and then seeing how they make it work

Then you might want to have a look at my project Bloop (see sig). Still in pretty early stages of development (I've been having a few family problems recently and haven't had the time to dedicate to it I would have liked) but the project was intended to be a step-by-step guide in putting together a simple game with python-ogre.

As for learning python I often recommend a book called "Core Python Programming" by Wesley J. Chung, I used(and still use) it a lot while I was still getting the hang of python. Its great not only as a beginner guide but it also covers the more advanced topics in python programming(decorators, metaclasses, closures etc.) too.

Hope this helps.


28-07-2008 20:58:39

Thanks Zyzle i will check it out and thanks for the recommendations apprecaite it =D