Pathman Game Source available


27-07-2008 01:31:31

There is an interesting game availabe on sourceforge that Ranieri wrote some time back and I've hacked to get working with Python-Ogre.

It still has a couple of minor display bugs (that I probably introduced) and isn't completly finished (what game is), however it might serve as a nice community project or simply a starting place for new comers.

The project can be found [b]here[/b].

Thanks to Ranieri for creating it and letting me hack away at the SVN ..



27-07-2008 15:53:54

Hey, this looks really good, gonna download it and have a play myself.

Does make me wish I wasn't so far behind with Bloop though :(


27-07-2008 22:09:13

Hey, Ranieri here.

I was pleasantly surprised when Andy expressed interest in pathman. I originally wrote it for PyOgre and andy has been kind enough to contribute the python-ogre conversion. I'm not actively developing it at the moment, but I'm always looking for feedback and things.

The main thing that has me stumped are sound effects, so if anyone has a few to contribute they would be well received ...