Build on Linux - **READ ME**


27-07-2008 17:05:48

Hello guys,

I have recently been working with Andy in order to get stable binary packages for all the common Linux distros (currently mainly targeting Ubuntu and Debian, but will also add support for Fedora, Red Hat and SUSE a bit later).

For this reason building for Linux is currently very unstable. We hope that everything is back to normal in the near future (and that you won't even need to go through the pain of building python-ogre yourself anymore!). Please bare with us while these changes occur.

If you are interested in helping with testing these new packages, please join the Google Group. I do not often read these forums so you will have better luck posting there.


27-07-2008 17:10:49

Great :)

And as I've posted on the group, me and my colleague would like to join as maintainers for the stable branch of python-ogre after 1.2 is released so there won't be any build-preventing changes problems in the future.