Third Person camera System


08-09-2008 18:31:13

Hello everybody

right now I'm trying to set up a working Third Person camera system in Python ogre. I found not much to help me in the Python-Ogre wiki so i searched in the Ogre3D wiki and found that. ... m_tutorial

Its quite good explained and i brought the player(the node and entity) into my scene but now he writes a ExtendedCamera class. I´m not too good in C++ so its quite confusing where he creates the camera actually.

For Info

I translated the Player Class( Character Class in the Example) to that

import ogre.renderer.OGRE as ogre

class Player():
def __init__(self, name, sceneManager): = name
self.sceneManager = sceneManager

# Setup Node Structure
self.RootNode = self.sceneManager.getRootSceneNode()
self.PlayerNode = self.RootNode.createChildSceneNode( + '_sight', ogre.Vector3(0,0,100))
self.PlayerSightNode = self.PlayerNode.createChildSceneNode( + '_camera', ogre.Vector3(0,50,-100))

# Apply Mesh to Player
self.PlayerEntity = self.sceneManager.createEntity(, 'OgreHead.mesh')

def __del__(self, name, sceneManager):


any help would be great.
Espacially from people who are much better in C++ than me, which is not hard to be :-((

Thanks in Advance


08-09-2008 21:49:58

There is a python version on the wiki here:

and here is my version with 3rd person, fullscreen toggle, mouse waypoint, shadows and fake darkness:

It has alot of bugs in it, but it gets the point across.

f= toggle fullscreen
wasd = move
Left mouse button on terrain to set waypoint
F1 = thridperson
F2 = helicopter view
F3 = first person


26-09-2008 03:32:47

The above third person app I made doesnt work with 1.6 rc1. ... b9a8902bda
Cegui seems to have changed what is involved with changing it so cegui works. When running it, it complains of CEGUItinyxmlParser missing


26-09-2008 04:05:19

Have a look in demos/cegui/ as the default parser for windows has changed -- adding the following code should help
# Another fix for CEGUI to ensure we get a working parser..
if == 'nt':



26-09-2008 18:13:21

Yep thats it, thanks andy