Python vs Pyoger (beginner)


29-03-2006 20:25:00

Ok I've been googling around for a week or so, and I've stumbled onto the ogre site. I am currently learning max 7, and I am looking to export a map/model into something where I can walk around like a FPS. I have been told that pyogre is a good place to start, but my question is: shold i start learning just python? Should I start reading up on pyogre. I'm just looking for some direction for a place to start.


29-03-2006 21:17:22

If I were you I would take start off by taking a look at the Examples and Tutorials on:

If your just learning python somethings may not be so clear so anything you don't understand just post here, check via google, read the python manuals etc.


29-03-2006 21:42:05

I looked at wiki but It kinda made some assumptions about the knowlege you have about python. I know almost nothing about Python. I just wanted to avoid having to post constantly about things that have been asked a million times before. ( know how that gets tiresome) I have about 7 hours to kill tomarrow at work ( student worker w/ acess to software ). I'll start in the basics of Python and then take a look at the pyogre, and see if i can formulate some worthwile questions.


31-03-2006 05:43:38

The wiki page has a link to Dive Into Python, an excellent free book if you already have some programming experience.