reloading script without closing app


24-09-2008 07:18:31


I want to know techniques if at all its possible with/without python-ogre for me to do reloading of game scripts while the app/ogre window is running ?

In lua, you can change the script and within the application, we can reload all scripts (like lua provides the functions to delete its stack and load again) . Is the same possible with python-ogre ?

I just need to make sure its possible to do this before learning/integrate python-ogre.



24-09-2008 08:39:22

With Python you can reload modules as well, but there might be some catches:

Those will maybe apply to Lua too, i don't know.

I think that the main challenge would be to make sure that your scripts are setup in such a way that it doesn't matter how often you include them. So you should provide some cleanup or checks to avoid double-loading of resources for example.