Bloop has moved...


01-10-2008 09:30:07

I know this is slightly off topic but I just thought I should let you folks know; My project Bloop has moved, we're still on however rather than using a poorly hacked together version of MediaWiki on the projects webspace (not my fault blame sfs' security) it now uses the sourceforge hostedapp.

Any old links to will redirect you to the wiki however all the other bookmarks will have to be changed to ... =Main_Page

or equivalent.

I'm currently in the process of porting all the data over and the most popular articles: ... Management

and ... ene_Loader

are already there, I did however loose most of the sites images when the datacentre migration happened (my fault should have kept more regular backups)

If there is a demand for it some time in the future (I don't think the project is that far along right now) I may expand the hostedapps forum for the project, for now it just acts as a guestbook.