08-10-2008 14:56:21

I'm trying to destroy an ODE geom, and I get an error:

Exception Boost.Python.ArgumentError: 'Python argument types in\n ogre.physics.ODE._ode_.dGeomDestroy(TriangleMeshGeometry)\ndid not match C++ signature:\n dGeomDestroy(struct dxGeom * geom)'

... which makes sense, of course -- the types don't match.

So how do I destroy a geom? Is there some way of "casting" it to a struct dxGeom* type?

Thanks in advance for any help!


10-10-2008 04:27:35

I think you are drill too deep and simply deleting the TriangleMeshGeomerty (or other OgreOde Geometry objects) will do what you want...

In looking at the destructor code for the OgreOde::Geometry class it handles the delation of the dGeom for you..

If you really want the dGeom then you can call getGeomtryID()...