Socket Error?


01-04-2006 03:51:53

Ok I'm not trying to spam this board, but I have another question. Occasionally when I open python I get a "Socket Error". as soon as i close that I get this:

"Sub Process Start Up Error" -- IDLE's subprocess didnt make connection. Either IDLE can't start a subprocess or a personal firewall software is blocking the connection.

I'm running windows XP w/ my firewall off. I also run mcaffe antivirus, but I dont believe that has the firewall turned on. I only get this occasionaly, and it seems like it happes after i compile a program and it doesnt work. Is there something else that I need to turn off or adjust? I hate to be running w/ my firewall off all the time.


01-04-2006 17:25:15

Exit out of IDLE completely. Now look for a python.exe or pythonw.exe executable running. End that process. You should be fine now.

What has happened is that Python didn't exit cleanly (or at all) and is using the local port that IDLE uses to communicate with it. If you close that process you free it up and IDLE can open a new socket and be all pythonlicious.


01-04-2006 17:46:04

Worked like a champ! When I have a crummy run at compiling I'll absentmindedly close out the IDLE, but not the window I'm writing in. Is that where I'm possibly shooting myself in the foot? Either way thanks for the help!


01-04-2006 21:13:58

Could be. It happens to me quite a bit as well.