PLEASE HELP! Python-Ogre black screen!


26-10-2008 19:21:07

I'm trying to integrate Python-Ogre into a C++ Application (as scripting interface).

I have to use the same OgreMain.dll with the C++ application and python-ogre.

But when i use the OgreMain.dll which is shipped by the python-ogre package in my C++ application, i do not see any skybox or geometry!
The window is rendered @ 2000FPS, and the GUI (MyGui) is still visible!
There are no errors in the logfile.

Does anyone know why this strange things happen?

You can reproduce this by replacing the OgreMain.dll in the Ogre-Samples with the OgreMain.dll of the python-ogre package.

I used the latest version of both.

Please help!

Yours, Christian


Some Samples DO work, others not! Why?


27-10-2008 01:02:23

You can't just mix and match dll's and expect things to work -- you need to link against the OgreMain.lib that Python-Ogre is built with and/or build Python-Ogre yourself...

One approach would be to build Ogre from the SDK source after applying the "Python-Ogre Ogre" patch to the Ogre SDK (as this is exactly how I've built the binary release) - I'll look at writing a quick wiki article on this..



28-10-2008 16:45:24

Thank you for your response, i will try this.
Where can i get this patch from?



The Python-Ogre binaries do not include the OgreMain.lib,
do i have to recompile both Ogre and Python-Ogre?