Compiling Issues


06-11-2008 17:40:29

So after much configuration, I have gotten python-ogre to mostly compile. GCCXML does it's thing, and so does pygccxml. Py++ is the problem. It gives me a ton of errors (2015 to be exact).

Ogre::AxisAlignedBox::mMinimum [variable] compilation error W1039: Py++ doesn't expose private or protected member variables. False Protected Variable

All errors are basically the same as that one, just they are different classes.

My configuration:
Windows Vista
Latest checkouts from SVN of all dependencies (ogre3d, ois, py++, pygccxml, etc)
Visual Studio 2008 is launching all the compiles of everything (I just click build and everything happens for me. Pretty cool)

I am also launching the's directly, wouldn't work correctly for me. Hopefully that's not my problem.


08-11-2008 14:58:42

The only way I can support individual compiles is via the functionality as there are just too many things that can go wrong. :)

Make sure that what you are seeing are errors and not warnings -- ie if exits correct (ie it tells you it generated code in a certain time) then it's all OK and ready to compile



10-11-2008 16:28:55

Well even though it says error, it still continues after that. The final error that stops the build process is:
RuntimeError: Py++ is going to write different content to the same file(Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Python-Ogre\Core\generated\ogre_1.6.0\ResourceMap.pypp.hpp).
The following is a short list of possible explanations for this behaviour:
* Py++ bug, in this case, please report it
* module_builder_t contains two or more classes with the same alias
* module_builder_t contains two or more classes with the same wrapper alias
Please carefully review Py++ warning messages. It should contain an additional information.

I ran " -g ogre" and I got the same result.