PythonOgre questions


15-11-2008 13:37:25

I think I may use PythonOgre for a few reasons. It is easier to set up and Python is an amazing language. I have a few questions about PythonOgre though. Are there plans to implement Navi and PagedGeometry? If not, I think there should, because alot of people know HTML and can get layouts on the internet for free for their GUI's, plus people may want to display web pages in their games(I know I do). Also, Paged Geometry would help with rendering objects like grass, but I don't know if something in PythonOgre already does this(I think there was something like OgreForest?). Thanks in advanced.



15-11-2008 13:42:10

Paged Geometry is OgreForests so yes it's already there..

Navi is in the SVN if you want to build your own - problem is that Navi is built on supporting libraries that don't work with MSVC 2008 and I'm not interested in using the older version of the MSVC compiler...

You can either build Python-Ogre yourself using MSVC 2005 or supply the Mozilla (I think) libraries compiled for MSVC 2008 that I can use..

Of course there are other GUI options (CEGUI, BetaGUI, QuickGUI and Hikari - flash) which are part of the current release.



15-11-2008 13:47:26

Well, check Navi out again. Just recently it uses a new renderer, so if you get it from the SVN it will build just fine. Check out the Navi forums. So maybe you can add it, if it's just you didn't want to use the MSVC++ 2005, I wouldn't either. Just a suggestion, I don't think it will really make me decide not to use PythonOgre. Also, thanks about the OgreForests thing, wanted to hear that.


15-11-2008 14:14:36

Also, does the new version of Python-Ogre support Python 2.6, or will it?