problem with ET


20-11-2008 14:30:59

hi everyone. I'm working on a kind of "World Editor" for my game and i recently realised how easy it would be to use ET instead of the ogre defaults terrain manager so, i go take a look at the ET demo (in python-ogre demo's folder) and i start from there, now, when i try to run my sample... i get an odd error "TerrainManager.setMaterial(TerainManager, NoneType) did not match C signature:

setMaterial(class ET::terrainManager {lvalue}, class Ogre::MaterialPtr material)"

anyone know what i'm doing wrong ?

(here's the two lines)
mat = ogre.MaterialManager.getSingletonPtr().getByName("ETTerrainMaterial")


20-11-2008 15:12:42

Are you sure mat is a Ogre::MaterialPtr?

What is the text output if you do:
mat =ogre.MaterialManager.getSingletonPtr().getByName("ETTerrainMaterial")
print "MAT: ",mat

(from what I read mat is set to None)


20-11-2008 15:50:00

thanks for your answer and MAT: None so i guess you were right... is there any way to force mat to be a MaterialPtr?


20-11-2008 17:52:52

MAT: None so i guess you were right... is there any way to force mat to be a MaterialPtr?It is set to None because there is apparently no "ETTerrainMaterial" in your material manager.

You may want to see all the materials defined in your material manager using this code:
materialManager = ogre.MaterialManager.getSingleton()
matIt = materialManager.getResourceIterator();
while (matIt.hasMoreElements()):
mat = matIt.getNext();
print mat.getName()


20-11-2008 18:06:48

Does the Demo_CEGUI_ET demo run? Have you added the et media resource locations to your resources.cfg file? Check the resources.cfg file in the demo dir:


Have you checked the log file for errors?


21-11-2008 12:15:07

huh, i wasn't sending the right path.... wow, i come to post it when everything was just caused by me.
Thanks all for your answer! Sorry for bothering you with my "problem".

*take a gun and shoot in my head*