Please run my program!


23-11-2008 22:23:04

This is nowhere near a complete program - just at a point where I figured it needed testing to see if it would work on other computers and operating systems. All the testing it needs is to see if objects appear on the screen and react to input (arrow keys).

Windows EXE:

Thank you for your time! 8)


23-11-2008 23:23:54

Work well here: only 1 question, what are you suppose to be, a chair?


24-11-2008 02:24:08

It's a rip-off character from a different game. The rest of the game will be original. Here's a good site if you're curious:émon). Then I added wheels so the movement seems more realistic.
The face has yet to be made.


26-11-2008 13:29:41

good luck to you ^^