CEGUI problems


05-12-2008 12:35:46

I downloaded and installed Python-Ogre 1.6.0, and everything seems to work fine. But.. I have problems with CEGUI applications. All the CEGUI demos give the following error:

The procedure entry point ??Exception@CEGUI@@QAE@ABVString@1@@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library CEGUIBase.dll

I tried to search both Ogre and CEGUI forums for help, but didn't really find any.. so if you could help me out a little.



05-12-2008 15:40:50

This would suggest it's picking up a cegui dll from somewhere else... Although it shouldn't be as I set the path as part of the import...

Can you change into the cegui demo directory, go "path=." then "\python25\python demo_xxx" and see what happens...



06-12-2008 16:08:39

My mistake... I had wrong DLLs in the windows/system32 folder. As soon as I renamed them, everything started working. :)

At some point, when I was trying to get cegui to work in my own application, I had copied the DLLs to the system folder...

Thank you andy!