loading mesh error


09-12-2008 07:03:41

hi..can anybody help me out of this prob.....
ok...here is the prob...
i am using ogremaxscene converter to convert a .3ds file to .mesh but the later generate a scene file,a material file and a mesh file.I take the .mesh file and store it in the media/models folder where python-ogre retrieve .mesh file and i put the material file in the material folder.....and i try to load the mesh but there is an error occuring..in fact it can't load the mesh file because some jpg file associated to the material file can't be found...

in another situation i get this error :

Parsing script Example.particle
Parsing script smoke.particle
Parsing script Examples.compositor
Parsing script sample.fontdef
Parsing script Compositor.overlay
Parsing script DP3.overlay
Parsing script Example-CubeMapping.overlay
Parsing script Example-DynTex.overlay
Parsing script Example-Water.overlay
Parsing script Shadows.overlay
Finished parsing scripts for resource group General
Parsing scripts for resource group Internal
Finished parsing scripts for resource group Internal
Mesh: Loading Teapot01.mesh.
Unregistering ResourceManager for type BspLevel
*-*-* OGRE Shutdown


09-12-2008 09:08:13

Its difficult to judge what the problem is from what you've posted unfortunately.

I'd really reccomend posting this in the main forum, under the 'Artists and Content creators' section, you're much more likely to get the help you need in that forum, since there are already many questions along the same lines as this. But do try to put a bit more detail in your question to get the best response.

first thing I would try though is to put that jpeg in the right location for the material to find it, though that should not cause a crash.

The other thing to try is to use meshmagick to try and fix your mesh files in case they are broken somehow.

good luck!


12-12-2008 07:46:34

i placed the specified jpeg file in the right location on the next trial but this time there were no errror ...but still no model appears...hav u got this problem...i am loading simple objects..table,chair,bed,etc...with no skeleton or animation


15-03-2010 11:13:09

I have not being able to solve the problem...but actually i had to shift on blender instead of 3ds max due to this problem.And the loader for blender works well, the only problem there is the scaling factor that differs,thus i had to rescale the object before loading it in my ogre window..