Project tesliz (turn based strategy game)


12-12-2008 20:02:25

Run the run.bat to get it started. to check out the source code

This is just a demo with some scripted events and a battle. I got the basics working and wanted to show it off. Its intended to be in the final fantasy tactics style to start with.


13-12-2008 12:30:32

I think you have a tojan lurking somewhere in that exe ( although it could be my system as I've had a lot of virus troubles recently ).

When I run the batch file my scanner ( Avira Antivir ) reports that your copy of __ogre__.pyd is infected with TR/Crypt.XPACK.Gen


29-12-2008 13:05:16

Nah, most likely it was the compression algorithm . I used special program to zip that dll. I doublechecked and couldn't find a virus on AVG.

I created a new (and much updated) version with an editor and better handling and such at

If you want to check out the editor you can run the program with an argument like say
tesliz linderenter edit