Python Version???


16-12-2008 01:08:43

I'd like to understand if there are any issues moving to Python 2.6/3.0, and if so what they might be..

Ideally building from source will support all versions 2.5 and above, however for binary releases and primary support I'd like to focus on a single version.



16-12-2008 05:11:00

Hello Andy,

First of all, thanks for the python-ogre wrapper. I think this is the only reason I'm still playing with 3D.

It would be nice to move however, most of the other packages are not going to be 2.6/3.0 compatible for a while.

It took me months to get all my packages to 2.5 which put me in a weird position where I couldn't run my projects because I had 2.4 packages.

I suspect the same will be true during this transition. I support the transition but I will not be able to move to it until all my packages are 2.6/3.0

My question would be once python-ogre moves to 2.6/3.0:
Would there be any support, bug fixes for 2.5?
Would you support both?

Best Regards,



16-12-2008 05:17:17

I believe support for 2.5 and above (for bug fixes etc) will remain for some time so don't worry about being stranded with 2.5..

One option I've thought about is to just do 2.5 and 3.0 -- ignoring 2.6 for a while?



16-12-2008 15:28:04

Hmm I'm using Python 2.5, but thats just because of being too lazy to upgrade, but I also fear that some of my packages won't work with a higher version.


16-12-2008 18:49:14

2.6 may be ok. I use Twisted which doesn't work with 3.0. I /think/ Twisted works with 2.6 (they have a buildbot that seems to say so), but I haven't tried it. Either way, I know you said you'll keep 2.5 compatibility for some time, but I just wanted to make sure to cast a vote in favor of that option. :)


16-12-2008 20:42:58

If you support 3.0 it should not be at the cost of 2.6. The Python project itself wants library authors to support python 2.6 and 3.0 for a decent amount of time (something over a 1 year). If you want to go the easy route only support 2.6 for the next year until python 3.0 gains wider adoption, then decide whether you want to support both.