Paging Landscape SceneManager


18-12-2008 11:37:09

I've read that it isn't supported because there's ogreforests and PCZ Scene Manager but I don't think they are ever the same, are they?

ogreforests(PagedGeometry) supports vast range of entities, not geometry itself.(i.e. it doesn't support multiple numbers of heightmaps), and PCZ Scene Manager is for terrain but it's not automatically paged.

What I want to ask is, how do I build PLSM2 for Python-Ogre?

Or, if ogreforests and PCZSM supports same or similar functionalities to PLSM2 how is it same or similar?


18-12-2008 12:16:55

I had decided not to support PLSMx as the code base was a tad unstable and the future development wasn't clear (ie - PLSM3 was promised but never seemed to actually get done and reading the forums there seems to be a number of challenged with PLSM2)...

So.. Up to you to determine if OgreForests (Paged Geometry) and the Portal Scene Manager do what you need :) -- and others can jump in here to comment on the various good and bad points of each...