python ogre and firefox


18-12-2008 19:45:31

Hi all, wouldn' it be interesting to develop a version of the 3dogre engine running inside your browser, so that you could render 3d spaces inside a direfox window? I found pyogre and the pyxpcom extension for firefox, is it theoretically possible to combine them to create something like a 3d rendering engine in the browser? Thanks a lot! I have started to write something in that direction, I included the compiled version of pyogre inside the pyxpcomext bundle so that I could call its functions (pyogre's ) directly from my code as if They were part of python itslef. But when the program reaches "application.go" everything crashes. I don' t even know if this is the right way since i don' t know a lot about firefox development.. Any suggestions? Every help is very appreciated!