directx weirdness


31-12-2008 01:58:45

Hello all,

I come from the Mogre world, but decided I would rather do python becuase that is what I have been using for several applications (with panda3d) and it is simply so much easier.

Coming to python, I have two good-ish choices: python-ogre and panda3d. Any thoughts? :?:

However, upon installing this module like said, I am having trouble getting the demos to work in directx mode. They all simply stop (and slowly eat more and more system resources until I have to restart) on the line "Parsing script Examples.program"...the openGl works wonders, but I noticed in mogre running directx on my hardware is so much faster and wanted to make sure the same is true here...

Any thoughts or help is appreciated :)


01-01-2009 00:16:04

The 'difference' between DirectX and OpenGL support all comes down to the underlying Ogre drivers (so it's not a Python-Ogre issue :) ) ..

I'd suggest you install the latest drivers from your Video card manufacture and if that doesn't help can you let me know what type of Video card/driver versions you have installed...



01-01-2009 03:19:18

Here is where I stand (with updated drivers):

I have an ATI Radeon 1650 series. Driver is 12/10/2008 version.

In opengl mode the driver update broke textures in ogre, mogre, and python-ogre. (these worked before the driver update)
in directx9 mode ogre and mogre render perfectly correctly while python-ogre "pauses" on the "parsing script examples.program" in all of the demos.

There is no error message in directx9, the programs simply hangs like I stated in my previous post.

If it means anything panda3d works in both opengl and directx mode before and after driver update...


02-01-2009 00:14:15

Just to confirm that the 'Ogre' you are using to test is 1.6.0? (as there are a couple of ATI bugs fixed in what will be 1.6.1 so not sure if this is what you are seeing)..

However can you try removing the Plugin_CgProgramManager from your plugins.cfg to see if that is causing the problem -- my 1.6.0 binary did have a inconstancy with the cg dll I shipped which 'may' cause the issue..

If that doesn't work you can rename the media directory (in Python-Ogre) and create a new one based upon the Ogre one to see if there is a bad script in my media that crashes your card..

Of course the fact that the driver upgrade broke everyone's GL support is not a good sign for the driver ??
And Panda is always going to be easier on graphics cards/drivers as it doesn't use them to the extent that Ogre does...



02-01-2009 01:34:30

Yes, I am using python-ogre 1.6.0

commenting the line with the Cg_ProgramManager did get me further! :D
It froze on the Texture: r2skin.jpg:loading 1 faces...
It froze for about 30 seconds and then python.exe "encountered a problem and needs to close"--the standard windows error message...
This problem happened with all of the demos in the ogre directory, but (I can't remember if I put that there or if it came with it...) ran directx mode perfectly. I also noticed on this one that the textures were messed up when viewing the robot from long distances, but not when I brought the camera up close to the mesh.

I don't know what ogre's problem with the new drivers are; nothing else has been affected that uses opengl, from java to basic to c++ across several different graphics libraries (although I do recall a similar problem a couple of years ago with Irrlicht--it was fixed with the next version of Irrlicht so I don't know what the problem was :()