freeze while unloading GL plugin


06-01-2009 21:22:28


Basically every demo never exits (with ESC). Python is spending 100% while the last line on the console is "Unloading library .\RenderSystem_GL.dll". The problem does not exist with the precompiled Windows Ogre Samples.

If I create an app like:

self.root.initialise(True, "MyExample")

The application never terminates (exactly the same behavior as in all samples). If I modify the app like:


I have no window, but the app terminates as expected.

I ran the samples under windows only with RenderSystem_GL.dll as plugin. Besides this "problem" more or less all samples work as expected. If I change it to RenderSystem_Direct3D9.dll the app terminates as expected (but most samples crash).

Thanks for any help



07-01-2009 05:40:18

What graphics card are you using? Do you have the latest drivers installed for the card?



07-01-2009 10:15:34

It's an NVIDIA 7900 GT. According to NVIDIA I've installed the latest driver (178.24) for this GPU.

I've tested it on a second system with an ATI X1300. Normally this is the system that has tons of problems, but the application does not freeze there on shutdown.

If there is still an idea that would be nice, because it is a bit cumbersome to kill the application manually every time (currently I'm unloading the plugin manually while the application is running, so the app is crashing, that is a bit better than manually kill it).