Depth of field - another wiki article


12-01-2009 16:41:11

Cracked it -

here you go :)


13-01-2009 17:22:10

Nicely done! Thanks for posting that.



15-01-2009 05:20:43


Thanks for the article and even more for the code.
I uploaded all the files into this link:

Place the files here. It worked for me.

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15-01-2009 10:12:35

Ah yes, sorry should have indicated where to place the files! Still, so long as they're all visible in the ogre resource scheme it shouldn't really matter where they are placed ( though sometimes things can go awry if one script is not loaded before another ).

If the devs permit, i'll add this to the standard PO demos on the SVN - only snag is that it doesn't work well in OpenGL ( at least on the systems I've tested ). I need to add a fallback technique to the material to use the original GLSL shaders i think, not a big fan of GLSL though :?